Patients of the clinic

Here is a non-exhaustive list (I have not always made cards) of the machines that have been in my clinic or on which I have intervened :

Fairlight CMI I
Fairlight CMI II
Fairlight CMI IIx
Fairlight CMI III
Fairlight MFX

NED Synclavier I
NED Synclavier II mono
NED Synclavier II stero
NED Sync keyboard GM@W
NED Synclavier 3200
NED Sync keyboard ORK and VPK

Roland Juno 106
Roland Super JX-10
Roland JD800
Roland System 100
Roland W30

E-MU Drumulator
E-MU Emulator I
E-MU Emulator II
E-MU Emulator III
E-MU Emulator IIIXP

Yamaha SY22
Yamaha SY77
Yamaha TG77
Yamaha SY99
Yamaha CS60
Yamaha CS80
Yamaha VL70M
Yamaha VL1
Yamaha REV-1
Yamaha REV-5
Yamaha REV-7

Oberheim OB-1
Oberheim OB-X
Oberheim OB-8
Oberheim DPX-1


Moog Source
Moog MiniMoog
Moog 3P
Moog Etherwave
Moog Etherwave Plus

RSF Kobol
RSF PolyKobol

EML ElectroComp Model 500

EMT 244
EMT 245
EMT 252

ARP 2600
ARP 2500
ARP Prosolist


Forat 9000

SCI Prophet 5 Rev2
SCI Prophet 5 Rev3

Elka Synthex rev 1,2,3
ELKA Rhapsody 610
Elka Soloist 505

Eventide H3000

ETI 4600

Simmons SDS-7


Studer A730

lexicon 200
lexicon 224
lexicon 300L
lexicon 480L
Lexicon PCM 70

EMS Vocoder 1000
EMS Vocoder 2000
EMS Synthi Sequencer 256

Kurzweil K1200
Kurzweil 250

Korg M1R
Korg PE1000
Korg 770
Korg 700S

Digital Keyboards Synergy I
Digital Keyboards Synergy II

360 systems Digital Keyboard

PPG Wave 2.2
PPG Wave 2.3

And also the computers needed for some of these machines (Macintosh, PC, Kaypro)

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