Mem 32MB for CMI III & MFX I, II

The MEM32 card allows you to add 32Mega Byte of RAM to your Fairlight CMI III or MFX I and II.

A Fairlight III below revision 9.34 will only see the maximum accessible through its address bus so 14MB, but for the latest generation Fairlight they will see 32MB and even in some cases (MFX2) a second card can be used to push to 64MB and / or also as disk RAM!

Installing the MEM32 card allows three important things :

  • to push the available RAM for sound samples to the maximum i.e. 32MB (except exception 14MB for the first versions of CMI III),
  • save space for better cooling,
  • reduce the power consumption, thus relieving the power supply of the machine!


Indeed, the MEM32 advantageously replaces on a single slot the maximum set of old memory cards (CMI-39 = 2MB, CMI-40 = 4MB or CMI-43 = 8MB) which are greedy in terms of electricity, temperature and volume.

The price includes postage for all destinations: 450 euros. Before ordering, please contact me to check availability. Then you can order via paypal here:



MEM 32
Fairlight 32MB Memory card for CMI III or MFX I, II
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