About us

I have always had a passion for unconventional music, especially electronic music. With my wife who is a real musician in the classical sense (violin, piano, cello) we have been gradually building up our studio over the last ten years to help us with composition.

At the same time, I repair / revise / design on a “case by case” basis, certain audio machines, to find out more, write to me by clicking here !

I am equipped to do digital and analog electronics: logic analyser, oscilloscopes, soldering / desoldering stations (classic and hot air), programmers (Prom, Eprom, Gal, Pal, etc…), micro-controller programmers (Atmel, Microchip, Intel, Motorola, etc…), various accessories. Insolator and engraver (20x20cm maximum in double sided, with tinning).

Some photos of work in the workshop and repair area (presented in no particular order):

I sell kits (to assemble or turnkey), you can consult the list here.

You can consult a non-exhaustive list of the audio equipment I have repaired over the last few years on this page.
And here are some pictures of repaired / restored / retrofitted machines:

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