Midi Kit for Elka Synthex

The MIDI KIT is composed of many pieces. It offers to a Synthex synthesizer the possibility to have a MIDI communication.

The Synthex has been produced at 1850 units between 1981 and 1984 :

  • Production I : 50 units (no MIDI)
  • Production II : 800 units (optional MIDI)
  • Production III : 1000 units (native MIDI)




Concerning the MIDI Kit, only the two first series of synthesizers can ben equiped with it. The last serie (production III) is already equiped with MIDI interface, and the three DIN-5 plugs are present on the rear panel.

The three possible configurations of Synthex are presented on Figures :

What is the MIDI capacity ?

Using this kit, the Synthex can receive and transmit MIDI events.

The MIDI-KIT is fully compatible with the original kit that was initially proposed as an option by Elka in the 1980s, but that is not found today. At that time (early 80’s) the MIDI standard was in its infancy, and each manufacturer had their own implementation that was not rigorous and compatible with the other one, or even limited as the Synthex. The Synthex doesn’t filter the MIDI stream. It only accepts messages : note-on and note-off. That means that it can receive and emit on all channels [0-15], the key [0-127] and the velocity [0-127] respecting the limits of the 8 simultaneous notes polyphony. If it receives more data, it goes into error !

To solve this known problem of saturation of the buffer MIDI Synthex, we decided to produce in the near future a small map to filter messages (other than note-on note-off on a channel) and also to select a reception channel and a channel for transmission. This card would be inserted between the CPU and the Synthex MIDI card.

The last version of the installation kit is available on : MIDI-KIT_UK.pdf

Order Kit

There is a maximum of one month between order and delivery time. The kits are manufactured on request.

The price (250€) includes delivery to all countries (with 250 euros insurance, tracking number, proof of shipping, Retail Delivery against signature) :

For more informations on the transport www.colissimo.fr

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  1. Roger Abejean #

    How do I buy the Synthex MIDI kit?

    • 2

      Yes, is now possible at the bottom of the page, there is link with secure order via PayPal 😉

      If you wand more information, you can now contact me via the contact page 😉

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